Sunday on the Island of Art History (Continued)

Before heading to Grounds for Sculpture (see the post below), I started off the day not by observing the history of art but by taking in the present of art. I enjoyed exploring Trenton’s Art All Night, an amazing once-a-year event that showcases art by the people and for the people.

Staged in the old Roebling Wire Works factory building, the 24-hour program offers free admission to the public and invites artists of all ages to submit their artwork for free. The inventive setting, the feel-good atmosphere of food stands and live music, and the variety and beauty of the art made for a delightful event that demonstrated that true artists are all around us.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Art All Night. The first one is with my dad – it was Father’s Day, after all! The second one is a re-creation of Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photograph V-J Day in Times Square. While most of the hundreds of impressive pieces were not based on art history, I was excited to find this re-creation, too!


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