Edible Art: The Scream

Almost a year after creating Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night out of cake and ten months after turning graham crackers into Mark Rothko paintings, I was ready for another edible art history challenge. This time, I decided to make Edvard Munch’s expressionist masterpiece The Scream out of cake.

My cake took twelve hours, three tubs of icing, and oodles of love. I took the finished product all the way from my home in Pennsylvania to New York City, where I shared my digestible artwork with my fellow members of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Teen Advisory Group at our final meeting of the year.

Check out pictures of my screamin’ cake below! And to see other times I’ve had fun with The Scream, see the balloon re-creation of the painting that my siblings and I undertook, my Halloween costume, and my trip to Grounds for Sculpture.



Edible Art: Mark Rothko Cookies


Mark Rothko’s color field paintings take up entire walls, but my renditions of his iconic masterpieces fit on one plate! I made Mark Rothko cookies that re-created six eye-catching works. Graham crackers and icing replaced canvas and paint, and art never tasted so sweet!

Check out my digestible designs below:

Edible Art: The Starry Night

As you may have guessed from the About page and Heartwork’s background, Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night is my favorite painting because of its sentimental value – it is the work that inspired my lasting love of art history! When I received Karen Tack and Alan Richardson’s book Hello, Cupcake! as a gift, I knew exactly which adorable cupcake creation would be my first experiment: a delicious rendition of The Starry Night with cupcakes as the canvas and icing as the paint.

Twelve hours after I first put the cupcake batter in the oven, my very own van Gogh masterpiece was finished – and I even framed it! Take a look: