Edible Art: Mark Rothko Cookies


Mark Rothko’s color field paintings take up entire walls, but my renditions of his iconic masterpieces fit on one plate! I made Mark Rothko cookies that re-created six eye-catching works. Graham crackers and icing replaced canvas and paint, and art never tasted so sweet!

Check out my digestible designs below:


Happy birthday, Rembrandt!

For those of you keeping a Night Watch on the Internet, I have a late-night post for you!

On what would have been Rembrandt van Rijn’s 407th birthday, Google honored the Dutch artist with one of its signature Google doodles. As both an art history lover and a Google doodle enthusiast, this tribute to Rembrandt was a welcome sight on my screen!

Credit: www.google.com

Credit: google.com

If you’re still in the mood for celebrating Rembrandt, check out this incredible YouTube video that shows a flash mob re-creating Night Watch at a mall in the Netherlands!