Day at the Museum: Shadowing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

I had the unique opportunity to shadow the college internship program at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for one day. I greatly enjoyed meeting staff members and interns and getting a special peek at the inner workings of this esteemed institution.

During my day at the museum, I also explored the collection with one of the college interns. While I took pictures – which you can see in the slideshow below – with only my favorites, there were countless other magnificent and enriching works of art that I also loved seeing at the museum.

What fun is a post about the Philadelphia Museum of Art without the famous Rocky scene? Click here to play it, and fast-forward to minute 2:00 to find the museum.

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Sunday on the Island of Art History

Father’s Day became Daughter’s Day when I wanted to visit a local gem for an art history enthusiast: Grounds for Sculpture. On a beautiful, sprawling property in Hamilton, New Jersey, this verdant park showcases both modern sculptures by contemporary artists and, to my delight, sculptured re-creations of famous works of art history.

Making it my mission to find all of the sculptures that depict legendary masterpieces, I spent a charming day with my parents and some very familiar faces – a girl with a pearl earring, a boating party having lunch, and a disturbed man on a bridge, to name a few.

(If you are planning your own visit to this incredible stop, please note that it is no walk in the park – pun intended – to find these re-creations. Grounds for Sculpture does not label them with their original names or offer a map that organizes them.)

Grounds for Sculpture made art history come alive! Below are photographs that show me interacting with Seward Johnson’s sculptures. Listed below the photographs are the original paintings and their artists.

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