Day at the Museum: The Frick Collection

Every month, I have the phenomenal opportunity to venture to New York City to serve on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Teen Advisory Group. After the January meeting, I stopped at another famous museum in New York City, the Frick Collection.

I planned my visit to the Frick Collection to coincide with “Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting from the Mauritshuis,” a traveling exhibit whose centerpiece was Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer. Standing face to face with one of art history’s most famous ladies — and the protagonist of one of my favorite books, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier — was an unforgettable treat. I also enjoyed exploring the Frick’s permanent collection, which included the breathtaking Boucher Room and the whimsical Progress of Love panels by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

Though no photography was permitted in the Frick Collection, I was sure to snap some pictures outside of the mansion in which the artwork resides. That afternoon, I had my own Progress of Love as I fell in love with the Frick Collection!


Picture Re-creations: Airigami’s Balloon Masterpieces

Larry Moss, founder of Airigami, makes incredible and inflatable artwork out of balloons! His amazingly fun portfolio of twisted latex designs includes delightful re-creations of famous masterpieces. With his permission, I am sharing some of my favorites below.

Be sure to check out the rest of his air-filled renditions of iconic paintings under the Master Works section of his website – these gems are sure to not go over like a lead balloon!


Sunday on the Island of Art History

Father’s Day became Daughter’s Day when I wanted to visit a local gem for an art history enthusiast: Grounds for Sculpture. On a beautiful, sprawling property in Hamilton, New Jersey, this verdant park showcases both modern sculptures by contemporary artists and, to my delight, sculptured re-creations of famous works of art history.

Making it my mission to find all of the sculptures that depict legendary masterpieces, I spent a charming day with my parents and some very familiar faces – a girl with a pearl earring, a boating party having lunch, and a disturbed man on a bridge, to name a few.

(If you are planning your own visit to this incredible stop, please note that it is no walk in the park – pun intended – to find these re-creations. Grounds for Sculpture does not label them with their original names or offer a map that organizes them.)

Grounds for Sculpture made art history come alive! Below are photographs that show me interacting with Seward Johnson’s sculptures. Listed below the photographs are the original paintings and their artists.

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